Fond Farewell

The death has occurred of the well known country music bird singer Randy Warbler after a short illness at his spacious nest in the Allegheny National Forest. Mr Warbler was a Black Throated Green Warbler originally from Appalachia but a long time NYC resident where for many years he could be heard singing in all the major parks.

Born Randy Wheeler, his early years were spent singing with a flock on any branch in any tree that would have them. His big break-through came in writing his own warbles, and he soon embarked on a solo career spanning many years and producing some classic country birdsong hits like “She Got the Seed, I Got the Husk,” “If This Nest Could Talk”, and “You, Me, and the Egg”.

He hit a speed bump mid-career when he was nearly stung to death by bees. But things straightened out for him after he met his mate-for-life DeeDee.

After his retirement Mr Warbler spent most of his time at his nest upstate where he could often be heard singing in the forest.

Mr Warbler is survived by his mate DeeDee, daughter Luanne, and son Randy Jr. 

Bird wearing a bandana and a cowboy hat, singing into a microphone

Illustrations: © Fiona Carswell, 2021.