Meet the Staff

Robin Brownfeather

Robin wearing reading glasses
Robin Brownfeather is the editor-in-chief for The Brooklyn Bird Bugle and a recipient of a Peabrainy Award for excellence in bird journalism. Born and bred in Prospect Park, Robin currently lives and works in the Third Maple tree south of the Long Meadow.  

Marco Greyback

Pigeon wearing a safety vest

As The Brooklyn Bird Bugle's Health and Safety Reporter, Marco covers everything from wildlife attacks to piles of broken glass. He started his career as a young bird in Grand Army Plaza, squawking at other birds to warn them about approaching cars. Since then he’s become our intrepid safety reporter, always putting himself on the front line for bird safety. Marco works everywhere, from Staten Island to the Bronx, but he’s a Brooklyn boid, through and through.

Alan Bluefeather

Blue Jay wearing a fedora and chomping on a berry

As the Food Reporter for The Brooklyn Bird Bugle, Alan’s taste in food is wide-ranging and he is always the first to know about the freshest crop of winterberries or the latest discarded bag of potato chips. Alan is also the proprietor of Bluefeather’s Gourmet Groceries which sells artisanal scraps and crumbs from local human businesses. Alan lives and works in the Southernmost Oak tree in the Vale of Cashmere in Prospect Park.

Captain Janice Longshank

Egret wearing a captain's hat and holding a fish in its beak

Captain Janice Longshank writes the Fishing Report for The Brooklyn Bird Bugle. An expert fisher almost since she was a wee egret chick, Jan knows all the secret fishing spots throughout the NYC area. She lives on the banks of the Gowanus Canal (which she does NOT recommend for fishing).

Bill Quill

Seagull wearing a bow tie with a pencil stuck behind a feather on its head

Journalist Bill Quill is a dapper gull with a taste for history, science, and interesting factoids. On a lazy Saturday afternoon he can often be found eavesdropping on human conversations outside the Brooklyn Public Library. Bill lives on the east shore of Roosevelt Island.

The Grand Old Owl, Cornelia Greytuft

Owl wearing a black robe with a lace collar similar to what Ruth Bader Ginsburg's used to wear

The Grand Old Owl, Cornelia Greytuft (also known as "The GOO"), is our resident expert on all NY laws related to birds. Having served for many years as the Chief Justice of Bird Court, The GOO oversaw various squabbles between bird species. Now semi-retired, she prefers to focus on laws that humans have created, explaining how those laws affect us birds, and what we can do to get humans to care more about us.